Here's a megalist for my fellow media specialists/teacher-librarians. It's taken a while to gather all the information and I will continue to add to this page. Currently there are close to 185 sites listed. There is SO MUCH information out there! Please feel free to add your suggestions!- 

UPDATED 1/11/17

Accountability in the Information Literacy Program- Mike Eisenberg's vodcast #3; excellent series

Elementary Library Routines- this information wiki was created by four librarians and covers
everything a school librarian needs to know, from AV equipment management to floor plans.
Library Media Center Management- covers policy manuals, management, patrons with disabilities, volunteers, ideas for new school librarians, library promotion and advocacy; long list
Setting Up a School Library- covers furniture, financial, inventory, cataloging, labeling, bar codes, signage
The Role of the Teacher-Librarian and the School Library Program- Mike Eisenberg's vodcast covers how the 21st century has changed the job of the teacher-librarian.
Technology Skills Library Staff Should Have-is your staff tech savvy? (from ALA Learning)

14 Ways K-12 Librarians Can Teach Social Media- by Joyce Valenza

A Bit on Information Literacy- from the Academic Librarian blog
The Little Library That Could- volunteer-run library in Honolulu, Hawaii

BLOGS (Teacher-Librarians, Media Specialists)
Biblioteche.me- Michelle Luhtala

Blue Skunk Blog- written by Doug Johnson, Director of Media and Technology for the Mankato (MN) Public Schools.
Cool Cat Teacher Blog- Vicki Davis
The Daring Librarian- librarian Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones' blog
The Dewey Blog- all about Dewey and cataloging
DIY Librarian- Tara Murphy
Lauren's Library Blog- Lauren Pressley talks about the future of libraries
Librarian By Day- Bobbi L. Newman
Librarian in the Cloud- librarian Heather Braum's blog
A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette- fun site
Librarians Matter- Australian librarian Kathryn Greenhill
Mighty Little Librarian- Tiffany Whitehead,  library media specialist at Central Middle School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Neverending Search- written by Joyce Valenza, teacher-librarian at Springfield Township High School
The Primary Source Librarian- Mary J. Johnson
No Shelf Required- ebooks and digital hardware for reading
The Shifted Librarian- adjustments which need to be made due to technology
Van Meter Library Voice- teacher-librarian and technology coordinator Shannon Miller
What I Learned Today.. - Nicole C. Engard

Book Displays to Attract Reluctant Readers- from EBSCO

Fiction Book Display Ideas- Pinterest board

High School Library Book Display Ideas

Library Book Displays- Pinterest board

Library Displays- Pinterest board

School Library Book Display Ideas- Google image search

School Library Displays- Flickr pool of over 700 photos!

School-Library Displays- Pinterest board

Twenty Rules for Better Book Displays-from EBSCO

I don't know about you; when I earned my certification as a media specialist, I had never been required to take a course in book repair. My colleague Nancy just received an MLS from Rutgers University (well known for their library sciences program) and she also never learned how to deal with damaged books. How is this possible? Can't figure that one out. But, if you can't attend a training workshop locally, you can always benefit from those who have posted videos and information online. (When I first started my job, the Internet was just a little baby....)

There are certain supplies you should always have in your library. Once you read the list, you'll understand why school library offices should have sinks and counter space. Here is a listing of supplies provided by Amigo Book Repair Workshops. I will be adding this post to the Teacher-Librarians page on this blog.

FREE WORKSHOP ALERT: Kapco (makers of book protection supplies) will come to your library and present a free in-service workshop on book repair, using their supplies. Here is the info sheet and website for more information.  Now for the other resources to do-it-yourself:

Beginners Guide to Book Binding- 14 videos from eHow

Book Repair Supplies Categories- from Gaylord

Bookcraft Book Repair Guide- 35-page pdf file written by Gaylord; excellent guide with pictures to guide you

Damage Control: Advice From a Professional Book Repairer- by Aaron Hierholzer

Damaged Books and How Libraries Fix Them

How to Repair a Book's Binding
- step-by-step instructions with photos

How to Repair Your Old Damaged Books- no pictures, but in-depth instructions




The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education- assists teachers in fair use doctrine; from the Center for Social Media

Copyright Advisory Network- "a way for librarians to learn about copyright and seek feedback and advice from fellow librarians and copyright specialists"

Copyright Basics- from Copyright Kids!

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers- PDF document

Creative Commons- various sharing methods explained

Cyberbee- cute interactive for grades 4-9

Fair Use Evaluator-
"understand how to determine the "fairness" of a use under the U.S. Copyright Code."

Fair Use Wiki- the fair use clause explained

Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright- from the Library of Congress; interactive for kids in grades 4-8

Teaching Copyright
- Five 60-minute lessons

TeachersFirst Copyright and Fair Use Resources

United States Copyright Office- search records, register works

What is Copyright?- wiki managed by by teacher Mary Beth Hertz

Adams County Libraries Shelving Dewey- Denver, Colorado school libraries

Are the Dewey Decimal System's Days Numbered?- interesting article

The Demise of the Dewey Decimal System- Canadian librarian has incorporated the bookstore model in her school library

Dewey? At This Library With a Very Different Outlook, They Don't- New York Times article about the 15-branch Maricopa County Library District in Arizona. Here's a link to the NPR broadcast about the changes.

Dewey Decimal, Redone

The Dewey Dilemma- from the Library Journal

Dewey's Not Dead

Do We Dewey?-New York Times article from 2008

Has the Dewey Decimal system Finally Outlived its Usefulness?- blog post by librarian Roger Green

Red Hawk Elementary Scraps Dewey Decimal System  for Bookstore Model

Saying Goodbye to the Dewey Decimal System- article about five Albany public libraries

Students Not Fazed By Dewey-less Library- Gilbert, AZ

Three Benefits of the Dewey Decimal System- from eHow

What's So Great About Dewey? 

Will Dewey Still Do?- Massachusetts librarian airs her opinion about Dewey

Who's Killing the Dewey Decimal System?- article about the Gail Borden Public Library District in Elgin, IL

Would Your Elementary Library Work Better if You Scrapped the Dewey Decimal System?- from School Library Monthly's blog


Big Universe- for younger children
Creaza- suite of creative tools, including cartoonist, movie editor, audio editor and mindmaps
DigiTales- create 3-5 minute stories from these types: living memories, beyond words, itza wrap
Do Ink- create Flash-style animations using a "simple and friendly vector editor
Domo Animate- free animation website offers characters with dialogue, backdrops and special effects
Glogster- drag and drop text, images, audio, video drawings and more; premium edition has no ads
Kerpoof- make movies, cards, drawings,pictures, tell stories; for grades K-8; site also has lesson plans and teacher tools.
Lightning Bug -assists students in writing a story from finding an idea to finishing the story
Little Bird Tales- for very young children
My Story Maker- for younger kids; interactive digital story creator
Myths and Legends- online digital storytelling site
PicLits- students are given a picture with a list of keywords to inspire them to write a story about that picture
Picture Book Maker- create an online children's book
Pinball- helps students get started with ideas which are bounced around
Projeqt- visual storytelling
Shiddoni- create an imaginary world with animals
Smilebox- mix photos, videos and music into a multimedia presentation
Stage'd- create animated comics
Storybird- "short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read and print
Storyboard Template-choice of different templates
ThumbScribes- online collaboration of poems, short stories, fiction, novellas
Tikatok- for younger children
Voice Thread- group conversations around images, documents, videos; Voice Thread in the Classroom.
Xtranormal-create online movies using their characters who speak what you write for them; free service will cost $$ soon.
ZooBurst-create a 3D pop-up book

GIFTS FOR TEACHER-LIBRARIANS (or gifts you'd buy for yourself...)
100 Gifts for the Bookworm- unique and some are over the top ideas

2010 Librarian Lump of Coal Guide-

2011 Librarian Lump of Coal Guide- humorous gits

2012 Librarian Lump of Coal Guide- humorous gifts

ALA Store- books, posters, clothing, gifts, incentives, downloadable art files

ALikelyStory"literary jewelry and bookmarks for the bookish"

Demco Gifts

Gifts for Bookworms: 10 Clever Ideas for Readers and Writers

Gifts for Bookworms Who Live for Lazy Weekend Reads

Just Dewey It- necklaces, t-shirts, bookmarks, posters

Nerd Tote- carry all your books

Swiss Army Librarian- library holiday gift guide

Ten Awesome Gifts for Librarians- from Library Journal

Unique Personalized Gifts for Librarians- includes gifts for volunteers and retirees


44 Things That Are All Dewey (The Dewey Decimal System, that is) - posting from this blog

Alphabet Book Game- for younger kids; students practice ordering books on the shelf

Capstone: Library Skills Support-includes library skills videos, reader's theater, lesson plans, downloadable bookmarks and more.

The Dewey Decimal Classification System- by Jean Halsey; from Awesome Library

Huey and Louie Meet Dewey- grades 3-5, 6-8

Information Skills Instruction- covers information literacy and the Dewey Decimal System

Interactive Tutorials- from Acadia University Library; includes "Credible Sources Count!", "Research it Right!", "You Quote it, You Note it!" plus 7 more. Excellent!

Lesson Plans @ Library Instruction.com

Library Games.com- free stuff, books, activities

Library Lesson Plans- K-8 listing from North East Independent School District, San Antonio, TX

LibraryInstruction.com- 18 lesson plans covering different grades

Library Lesson Plan Book- by grade level; Word or PDF format

Mr. B's Library Skills TV- for grades K-6; videos cover plagiarism, evaluating information, maps, the Dewey Decimal System and more

Ode to Librarians- use this video to introduce your students to the library

Order in the Library- students can practice shelving books with this interactive game; available in Spanish

S.O.S. For Information Literacy- voted a top site by AASL

American Libraries- ALA publication; read online for free
Booklist Magazine- $147.50 (22 issues in a year); website is here.Bookwire- "search and discover over 20 million book titles, including print, e-books, audio books and more."College and Research Libraries News - print subscriptions and digital online archives
Computers in Libraries-  $99.95 (10 issues per year); also digital online archives
D-Lib Magazine- digital library research published 6 times per year
EDTECH: Focus on K-12online digital version or print copyeSchool News- free print subscription for educators

The Horn Book Magazine- (6 issues)

Internet @Schools-  (5 issues per year)
The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young

AdultsKirkus Book Reviews- tough book critics Library Journal-  (20 issues per year)

Library Media Connection Magazine-  (special deal for 6 issues)

Library Sparks-  (9 issues)
School Library Journal-  (12 issues plus access to Book Verdict School Library Journal)
Teacher-Librarian-  (published 5 times per year)
Tech and Learning- free subscriptions for educators

VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) -online digital version


CAM SCANNER- your phone becomes a scanner!

CURATOR-collect and organize your stuff

DRAGON DICTATION- just speak and see your text or email messages

Easy Bib for iPhone and iPad

Easy Bib for Android- app reads barcodes for citations of books, MLA citations

Evernote for iPhone and iPad- terrific program to organize your life and the library; Evernote site

Evernote for Android

FEEDLY- follow RSS feeds 

Feedly for iPhone and iPad

Feedly for Android

FLIPBOARD: Your News Magazine- social and world news brought together in one feed

Flipboard for iPhone and iPad

Flipboard for Android

iBooks- for iPhone and iPad; download and read books

Free Books: 23,469 Classics to Go- for iPad; "Browse our handpicked collections, download any of our 23,469 classic books, and read with our fully featured  eReader. Notes, highlights, bookmarks, dictionary support -- it’s all here."

Goodreads for iPhone, iPad

Goodreads for Android

LIBRIVOX AUDIO BOOKS-access over 10,000 books

App for iPhone

App for Android

NPR App for iPhone

NPR App for Android

TED App for iPhone

TED app for Android


For iPhone and iPad

WordFoto- available on iPhone and iPad, I found librarian Tiffany Whitehead using it to create signage for her subject areas.

World Book: This Day in History-for iPad; excellent source for daily updating on your media center's website

New York Library Association (NYLA)
SIGMS- ISTE's support network for media specialists
Teacher Librarian NING- network of teacher-librarians
TL Virtual Cafe
Young Adult Services Library Association (YALSA)


Acknowledging Sources-from the University of Texas at Arlington; charts and diagrams included
Avoiding Plagiarism- from the Purdue Online Writing Lab; very good site gives an overview on plagiarism, with information on paraphrasing and exercises for students.
Citation Machine- create a citation in APA, MLA, Turabian and Chicago; free
EasyBib- creates a citation from the information you input; MLA is free, cost for others
How to Cite Your Sources- very complete listing
KnightCite- from Calvin College; APA, MLA, and Chicago are all free
MLA Formatting and Style Guide- very complete; shows formatting for all types of sources
Plagiarism Tutorial- information and 2 quizzes to check your knowledge; from the University of Southern Mississippi
Successful vs. Unsuccessful Paraphrasing- many examples are shown to explain the best way to paraphrase a paragraph
Types of Plagiarism- lists six types of plagiarists and five sources cited by still plagiarized types of people
What is Plagiarism?- a video from Rutgers University; explains the seriousness of plagiarism; excellent!!
WriteCheck- submit your paper to see if you plagiarized anything; $$
You Quote It, You Note It- a short slide presentation/quiz to see how much you know about plagiarism

Barnes and Noble Studio- video podcasts with writers
Book Lust- Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl interviews writers
Book Review- The New York Times
Books Available as Podcasts
Bookworm- showcases writers of fiction and poetry
Fireside Book Chat-"books for teens; reviews by teens"
Librivox- books in the public domain; very extensive list includes Shakespeare, Dickens, Aesop and Verne
The NewYork Review of Books
NPR Books
The Penguin Podcast-Penguin Books

Podiobooks-from fantasy to fiction, this site has loads of FREE books you can listen to in your spare time

Science Fiction Book Review Podcast
Slate's Audio Book Club



Fact or Make-Believe Worksheet- must log into you Education.com free account

Real and Make-Believe- PowerPoint presentation

Real or Make-Believe- PowerPoint presentation

Real or Make-Believe Lesson- from Family Education

Dinosaurs: Real or Make-Believe-

Real of Make Believe?- from Scholastic; needs Flash to run

Tina's World: Real or Make-Believe



ALA's Celebrate National Library Week- just download and print

READ Feed Your Imagination Poster


Books in Print- 3.5 million book, audio, &; video titles
Bookwire-book industry news, features, reviews, guides to literary events.
The Consortium for School Networking- mission is to "advance the K-12 education community's capacity to effectively use technology to improve learning through advocacy, policy & leadership development."
CyberDewey -Dewey classifications including subcategories
Internet Library for Librarians
Media Awareness Network- resources & support in the field of media & information literacy
Resources for School Librarians- info on program administration, education and employment, continuing education etc.
School Library Certification- listing for all states
School Library Media Kids- good for K-6 kids, with reference, author, search engine and games links, book reviews and book trailers.

90+ Videos for Technology and Media Literacy

Information Literacy: Search Strategies, Tools and Resources- articles about information literacy, links to resources

Information Literacy Resources- from LibrarySupportStaff.com; very comprehensive site

Information Literacy Tool Kits- from Indiana University-Purdue University

Media Literacy

Media Literacy Handouts- lesson plans for K-12 and above from Ithaca College

What is Information Literacy?- part 1 of Mike Eisenberg's vodcast series


The 6 Online Research Skills Your Students Need- from Scholastic

Copyright, Fair Use and Research Skills for Elementary Students
- LiveBinder

Doing Research at the Elementary Level
- written by technology teacher Mary Beth Hertz

Evaluating Information Sources Worksheet- for older students

The Future of Research- written by middle school librarian Jennifer LaGarde

Google Scholar- advanced scholarly searches

Infomine- scholarly Internet searches

iResearch: Information Skills for Life
- 10 modules (covers plagiarism and searching databases) each include a PDF download

The Free Library- over 20 million articles and books

K-4 Research Materials- LiveBinder

Kentucky Virtual Library's How to Do Research- excellent interactive poster designed like a game board

Research it Right- from Acadia University's Library; animated interactive

Research Skills Lesson Plans- from Lesson Planet

Research Skills Worksheets- from TeAchnology; covers various topic areas 

Research Skills Worksheets- teacher-reviewed; grades listed

Research Skills Unit- for 8th grade students

Rutgers University's R.I.O.T.- wonderful interactive modules include: Selecting a Topic, Finding Sources, Selecting Keywords, Identifying Citations, Evaluating Sources.

State Library of Victoria- research skills for grades 5-9

Teaching Research Skills to Young Students- the role of the media specialist is explained

Teaching the Ten Steps to Better Web Research from SweetSearch

Using Critical Thinking to find Trustworthy Websites-video lesson by N.Y. middle school teacher Emily Koch (Grades 6-8)

Wading Through the Web: Teaching Internet Research Strategies- Three complete 45-minute lessons for grades 6-8


Bag the Web- curate web content to make your own topic bags

Bundlr- create and share bundles of content

eduClipper- educational digital clipboard

Evernote- one of my favorites; sync with your smartphone, home computer and work compute

Juxtapost- all of your favorite things, side-by-side

Kuratur- "cool, customized automated content magazines"

Kweeper- collect videos, pictures, sites with one click

Livebinders-"3-ring binder for the web"

Livebinders Tutorial from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.

Only2Clicks- organize your sites with various tabs, (like folders) and thumbnails

Paper.li- your own online newspaper

Pinterest- online pinboard

RebelMouse- "your social front page"; app available

- create a topic and Scoop.it will proceed to find you links on the Internet which are related to your topic

Spaaze- collect and organize web sites, videos etc. in one location, a giant cork-board.

Springpad- save information on your computer and it will sync with your mobile device (Android or iPhone)

Storify- tell your stories by curating social media posts

Surfmark- collect, express, collaborate

Themeefy- allows you to create, curate and publish; phone app available

Trapit- captures what you want and “serves it up fresh and spam-free all day long.”

10 Ways to Give Weeded Books a Second Life

Be Proactive: Weed- School Library Monthly post

CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries- a 93-page document from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Less is More: A Practical Guide to Weeding School Library Collections- book by Donna J. Baumbach and Linda L. Miller

Weeding Library Collections- this wiki includes great ideas on what to do with weeded books, including  book sales, donation and more.

Weeding Library Collections: A Selected Annotated Bibliography for Library Collection Evaluation-

ALA library fact sheet

Weeding and Maintenance of Reference Collections- book by Linda S. Katz

Weeding: A Practical Manual for Librarians- 7-page document from the Jefferson County Public Schools

Weeding the School Library- brochure from the California Department of Education

Weeding Your Library- simple page on basics from Perma-Bound Books

Weeding Your Library- tips from teacher-librarian Cindy


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